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Parish Council Meetings

  Medstead Parish Council - Virtual (Digital) Meetings

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, Medstead Parish Council will be holding virtual (digital) council meetings for the time being to allow residents the opportunity to follow parish council meetings during the coronavirus outbreak.

The council stopped holding public meetings when the Government announced the lockdown on 23 March but digital meetings are now possible after changes to the law allowed councillors to take part in meetings and vote on decisions without physically being present.

The next online full council meeting of Medstead Parish Council, is to be held on 8th July at 7.30pm using the Zoom conference system. The full council meeting scheduled for 10th June 2020 has been cancelled.

On 3rd and 10th June 2020, there will however be meetings of the Finance and General Purposes Committee at 7.30pm.

Should any members of the public on the Medstead electoral role or as a permanent resident of the Parish wish to attend and/or speak on any matter at any of these meetings, they should firstly contact the Parish Clerk (clerk.medsteadpc@gmail.com).

Future Full Medstead Parish Council and Committee meetings will be advertised on this Parish Council web site.

The decision has already been taken to suspend the Annual Council meeting, which normally sees councillors appointed to roles and committees and includes the election of a new Chairman. Councillors will continue in their current roles until the Annual Council meeting in 2021.





Medstead Parish Council meets every month, on the second Wednesday, at 7.30pm in Medstead Village Hall - BUT SEE ABOVE

The Annual Assembly (formerly the Annual Parish Meeting) for the electorate is held in April each year. The Annual General Meeting of Medstead Parish Council is held in May and the annual budget and precept is set in November, each year.

Generally, Finance & General Purposes Committee meetings start at 7.30pm, Planning Committee and Maintenance Committee meetings at 6.00pm, all in the Village Hall. However there may be exceptions to this, so please refer to the specific meeting agenda for confirmation of the location and timings.

Members of the public and the press are welcome to attend meetings of the Council and its Committees. Relevant documentation is available from the Parish Clerk in advance on request.

General questions will be taken before the main business of the meeting and any comments on an agenda item will be taken at the appropriate time. Matters requiring further consideration will receive a reply in writing.



Schedule of Meetings

Scheduled Parish Council and Committee meetings for the next calendar year are listed below. At present these will be held on the Zoom platform. Please see individual meeting details for the latest information.