East Hampshire Waste Contract

Published: 15 September 2020


The new East Hampshire environmental services contract began on Monday 30 September 2019.

It will include:

  • Waste
  • Recycling
  • Street cleaning
  • Public conveniences
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Bin calendars are now being printed and will be sent to residents in the next couple of weeks, ahead of the start of the contract.

What will change?

Recycling, rubbish and glass will be collected in the same way, but the day they are collected is likely to change.

Residents can find their new collection calendar (and a range of other local information) online by visiting the 'Where I live' area of our website and searching for their address.

What will stay the same?

The things that residents can put in their bins will stay the same.

Waste will continue to be collected from GREEN bins and recycling from BLACK bins.

There’s more information on the new contract on our website.

What can you do to help?

We would really appreciate the help of parish and town councils to get the message out to your residents.

You could post a link on your website to our page with information on the new contract https://www.easthants.gov.uk/new-waste-contract
We will be posting messages about the new contract on our social media pages. It would be great if you could share them.

Our social media pages are:
FACEBOOK: EastHampshireDistrictCouncil
INSTAGRAM @easthantsdc