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Medstead Parish Council and Four Marks Parish Council launched the development of a joint Neighbourhood Plan, in March 2014.

The joint Neighbourhood Plan will provide an opportunity for residents to have a say in how the two commmunities are to be developed.

For further information on the joint Neighbourhood Plan please see below or visit the East Hampshire District Council Neighbourhood Plan pages. The Neighbourhood Plan has a number of workstreams including employment, housing, utilities, transport, schools, medical, community facilities and environment which is led by the Wildlife Support and Conservation group.

Prior to the Neighbourhood Plan, the Medstead Parish Plan, published in 2008, was a vehicle for the people of Medstead to present their views on what they wanted to preserve and what they wanted to change in the Parish. It also established a coherent Action Plan for achieving these wishes, delivery of which began in 2008 and is expected to be largely completed by 2014.

The Parish Plan was based upon and extended the work previously undertaken to create a Village Appraisal in 2001 and a Village Design Statement in 2003.

You can access the Medstead and Four Marks Neighbourhood Plan, the Medstead Parish Plan, the Medstead Village Design Statement and the Medstead Village Appraisal below.

Medstead and Four Marks Neighbourhood Plan

We are pleased to announce the Medstead and Four Marks Neighbourhood Plan was accepted by our community at Referendum on 5th May 2016 by 2001 votes for and 140 against with 7 spoiled papers.

A majority of 93.45% were in favour of our Plan.
There was a 41% turnout.

On Thursday 12th May 2016, the Plan was taken to East Hampshire District Council Full Council meeting where it was formally adopted.

We now have a Plan that will be of considerable benefit to our community over the next few years. Our Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Has defined the Settlement Policy Boundaries for Medstead Village, ‘South Medstead’ and Four Marks.
  • Has created a ‘Local Gap’ to protect the area between South Medstead and Medstead Village from development.
  • Protects local employment sites from significant change of use for a year, should businesses fail.
  • Supports local centres within the villages and supports the local shopping facilities
  • Encourages commercial development in the area with the Railway Hub.
  • Gives protection to 12 Local Green Spaces in Medstead and Four Marks
  • Promotes a Wild Flower Walk.
  • Promotes a Green Infrastructure Network for the benefit of the Community.
  • Supports the consideration of green infrastructure and biodiversity in any new development.
  • Promotes sustainable drainage on major developments.

A copy of the decision statement and neighbourhood plan can be viewed at the following locations:

  • East Hampshire District Council (EHDC), Penns Place, Petersfield, GU31 4EX
  • Alton Library, Vicarage Hill, Alton GU34 1HT
  • Medstead Parish Office, Lymington Barn, Lymington Bottom Road, Medstead GU34 5EW
  • Four Marks Parish Office, Lymington Barn, Lymington Bottom Road, Medstead GU34 5EW
  • Watercress Medical Surgery, Lymington Barn, Lymington Bottom Road, Medstead GU34 5EW
  • Boundaries Surgery, 17 Winchester Road, Four Marks, Alton, GU34 5HG
  • Church of Good Shepherd, Lymington Bottom, Four Marks
  • St. Andrew's Church, Wield Road, Medstead, GU34 5LX

In accordance with the regulations, EHDC has also published documents on its website (

For further information please contact the EHDC Planning Policy Team on 01730 234280 or

Medstead Parish Plan

Parish Plans were a Government-supported initiative which gave people living in villages a way of deciding for themselves how they would like their village to develop.

Preparing a Parish Plan involved consultation with every person in Medstead to find out what we wanted for our Parish over the following ten years.

The resulting Parish Plan provided a detailed description of the desires of the people of Medstead. It contained a detailed, prioritised action plan, stating what was to be done, by when and by whom, with examples of funding sources available to achieve these desires.

The Parish Plan was also provided as an input to East Hampshire Community Partnership's Community Strategy 2008-2026 which guides joint work by councils, police, health services and voluntary agencies, and also into East Hampshire District Council's Local Development Framework (LDF), a key planning document for the district, setting out how land should be used to meet community needs until 2026.

The main actions from the Parish Plan were:

Rural Ambience
  • 1.2.1 Develop and distribute a Welcome Guide for existing and new residents.
  • 1.6.1 Improve Parish communications.
  • 1.6.2 Erect Parish Notice Boards on Boyneswood Road/Red Hill, Paice Lane & Lymington Bottom Road.
  • 1.6.3 Increase the circulation of the Medstead Times.
  • 1.6.4 Regular, relevant articles from County, District and Parish Councils, for example in the Medstead Times.
  • 1.6.5 Hold more community-wide activities and events.
  • 2.1.1 Prepare, publicise and execute a road maintenance priority plan.
  • 2.1.2 Alleviate flooding of Hussell Lane, Greenstile/High Street, Roedowns Road & Paice Lane.
  • 2.2.1 Prepare, publicise and execute a Parish footway plan.
  • 2.2.2 Construct footways on Hussell Lane, Lymington Bottom Road & Boyneswood Road.
  • 2.3.1 Construct footways on Roedowns Road North.
  • 2.3.2 Road safety improvements at Medstead School and support the school’s Travel Action Plan.
  • 2.4.1 Street lighting not to be installed.
  • 3.2.2 Conduct a traffic census and volume survey.
  • 3.2.3 Introduce restrictions on HGV movements through the Parish and weight limits on Parish roads.
  • 3.4.1 Reduce volume of horse boxes passing through the Parish.
  • 3.5.1 Prepare, publicise and execute a Parish traffic calming plan.
  • 3.5.2 Establish traffic calming to Lymington Bottom Road & Boyneswood Road.
  • 3.6.1 Speed limits to be enforced.
  • 3.7.1 Introduce 30mph speed limits on all Parish roads.
  • 3.8.1 Introduce 20mph speed limit in village centre.

  • 4.1.1 Support a Village Hall Improvements Plan.
  • 4.1.2 Hold more community-wide activities for families.
  • 4.2.1 Provide an all-weather playing surface.
  • 4.2.2 Hold more community-wide activities for young people.
  • 4.4.1 School catchment area to include all of the Parish.
  • 4.5.1 Specific improvements to bus timetabling required to meet needs of residents.
  • 4.5.2 Consider other forms of community transport.
  • 4.6.1 Enlarge the play facilities.
  • 5.1.1 Parish Council member to be responsible for environmental issues.
  • 5.2.1 Parish Council to designate a footpath warden.
  • 5.2.2 Re-designate Byways Open to All Traffic.
  • 5.3.1 Ensure the Village Green is well maintained.
  • 5.4.1 Create a planned programme of verge, hedge, stile & footpath work. Replace stiles with kissing gates.
  • 5.5.1 Prepare a plan for the maintenance of drains and ditches.
  • 5.5.2 Clear drains and ditches regularly.
  • 5.6.1 Reinstate a village pond. Create a Parish Environment Group.
  • 5.7.1 Plan to reduce the Parish's carbon footprint by creation of a Greening Medstead Campaign.
  • 6.2.1 Quantify the demand for affordable housing in the Parish.
  • 6.3.1 Publicise the settlement policy, planning criteria and planning objections.
  • 8.1.1 Create a Parish Plan Implementation Committee to oversee delivery of the Parish Plan.
  • 8.1.2 Create a Communications Group to deliver improvements in Parish communications.
  • 8.1.3 Create an Environment Group to deliver improvements to the Village Green, reinstate a Village Pond and initiate a Greening Medstead Campaign.

The Parish Plan was developed over eighteen months and delivered over six years; key milestones included:

  • The Medstead Parish Plan Committee (MPPC) was formed in January 2007 by Medstead Parish Council.
  • To establish the key issues and provide a focus for the development of the main questionnaire consultations with local groups and associations were held and a Love It / Hate It survey was distributed and the results assessed, between May and September, 2007.
  • The Parish Plan questionnaire was developed and distributed to all residents of Medstead Parish during October 2007.
  • 1,156 completed responses from the 1,618 questionnaires distributed, a response rate of over 71%, were analysed and the key issues established before a draft Parish Plan was developed and presented to the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2008. The Parish Plan was updated with comments received at the Annual Parish Meeting, before being adopted by Medstead Parish Council, subject to minor amendments, in May 2008. The final version of the Parish Plan was published and distributed to all residents of Medstead Parish in July 2008.
  • Delivery of the Parish Plan's Action Plan began in September 2008 and was largely completed by 2014.
You can access the Parish Plan below.

Village Design Statement

Building on the Village Appraisal, our Village Design Statement, completed in 2003, described the distinctive character of Medstead and how local people wanted the village to change and develop in future.

It included design principles based on the character of our village and made specific recommendations in six areas: agriculture and land use, the environment, equitation, heritage, sport and recreation and traffic and transport.

Following a public meeting in Medstead Village Hall in October 2001 organised by Medstead Parish Council, a small team volunteered to act as a Steering Group. Working in partnership with the local planning authority, East Hampshire District Council (EHDC), six sub-groups set up to research the specific topics.

Contact was made with village organisations to seek their involvement, a workshop was held in April 2002 to gather and disseminate information and a questionnarire was distributed to all households, which achieved a response rate of over 70%.

The work was displayed at the Village Fête in July 2002 and the Village Design Statement was endorsed by Medstead Parish Council in November 2002.

It was adopted by EHDC in January 2003 as Supplementary Planning Guidance. The guidelines within the Village Design Statement are part of the decision-making process for planning applications and should be taken into account by developers and property owners when considering future development in Medstead.

You can download the Village Design Statement below.

Village Appraisal

In October 1999 Medstead Parish Council called a public meeting to discuss the potential of carrying out an appraisal in the Parish. Following this a small group was formed to undertake the appraisal.

Our Village Appraisal, completed in 2001, provided a background to key facts and issues in Medstead. It was based on a questionnaire delivered to 713 households in Medstead. 529 questionnaires were completed and analysed, a response rate of 74.2%.

You can download the Village Appraisal below.

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