Welcome to Medstead Parish Council

Medstead Parish Council is the first tier of local government serving the local needs of Medstead's residents.
It is comprised of unpaid parish councillors who serve a four-year term of office. It also employs a part-time Clerk to implement decisions.


The Parish Council is financed by raising a small levy - the precept - on all residential properties within the parish.
Medstead Parish Council is responsible for public open spaces, such as the Village Green and its facilities. It also owns two further ponds and the area known as The Knapp, on South Town Road, the allotment site off Ivatt Way and the Wildflower Meadow off Trinity Hill. It maintains the war memorial and churchyard and owns and manages Medstead Cemetery.


As the lowest, or first tier of local government the Parish Council plays an important role in ensuring the views of residents are heard on issues such as planning. Planning matters are handled by a Planning Committee which meets monthly, as required. The Parish Council are not responsible for planning decisions, however East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) is obliged to seek the Parish Council's views on planning matters relevant to the Parish.


Medstead Parish Council has frequent contact with EHDC and Hampshire County Council (HCC). The Parish Clerk will assist residents in facilitating a response from these bodies on matters under their jurisdiction, for example roads and refuse collection, but the Parish Council has no responsibility for these areas.


Parish Councillors are governed by a mandatory code of conduct which includes obligations to act in an appropriate manner. The Parish Council works within a number of policies and procedures and is bound by its Standing Orders.