Parish Council Election - 2023

Published: 24 April 2023

Following the outcome of the May 2023 Local Election, there were up to four vacancies to be filled on Medstead Parish Council.

An advertising campaign to encourage residents to consider being co-opted was undertaken and at the meeting of Medstead Parish Council on 1st June 2023, Messrs. Graham Bennell, Mark Brayford, Ken Kercher and Frank Maloney were duly co-opted on to Medstead Parish Council and signed the Acceptance of Office. Councillors are also required to sign up to the Code of Conduct.

What powers do parish councils have?

They have a wide range of powers which essentially related to local matters, such as looking after community buildings, open space, allotments, play areas, street lighting, bus shelters, car parks and much more. The council also has the power to raise money through taxation, the precept. The precept is the parish council’s share of the council tax. The precept demand goes to the billing authority, the district council, which collects the tax for the parish council.